My Protein Impact whey 2.5 kg Flavour – Vanilla

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  • ‘Grade A’ Labdoor ranking
  • 90% protein content
  • 21g of protein per serving
  • Low fat and less than 1g of carbs
  • Grass-fed whey

Impact Whey Protein is derived from bovine milk and provides high levels of the essential amino acids (EAA’s) and branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) which are particularly important for stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and maintaining lean muscle tissue following exercise to prevent muscle breakdown.

One thing that makes Impact Whey Protein stand out from other proteins is the rate at which it is absorbed in the body. Impact Whey Protein is the protein of choice for many athletes because it is unique in the fact it has a rapid absorption of protein into the muscle.

Unlike many of proteins on the market, Impact Whey Protein is 100% whey protein concentrate with no other proteins added. Each scoop (25g) serving will provide over 20g of protein which will help with the growth and recovery of lean muscle mass.


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